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Mark Gerada

is an Australian painter, illustrator and teacher with a background in architecture, ceramics, design and video. He worked as an architectural designer and as a designer on a leading magazine, Interior Architecture, before graduating in Architecture with first class honours at the University of Technology Sydney in 1993. He has taught in architecture, illustration and visual communications at the University of Technology Sydney. Mark has exhibited his paintings and video in Sydney, Melbourne, London and Brussels. In June 2007 he had his Generation solo show in Malta, and in March 2008, he exhibited Mounds and Caves, his thirteenth solo show.

Mark had a dream in August 2007 where he went to an exhibition about the Olympics in China, and left the show thinking, "What a great idea, why didn't I think of that?" When he woke up, he couldn't stop thinking about it, and had an overwhelming sensation that this exhibition had to happen in reality.

Mark's Red Colour Means Happiness series of paintings for 888 cover a range of issues that attempts to put the gigantic China issue in perspective, pointing out that if we are going to demand cheap goods, then we are all just as responsible for work conditions in China and the consumption of incomprehendible amounts of resources. His Sponsorship Censorship series of paintings reverses the Chinese censorship issue by focusing on the "exclusives", the Olympics big money makers.