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Chaina Productions

is an Australian painter living, studying and working in Chengdu, China. She has regularly exhibited in group shows and completed her Masters Degree in International Studies and Mandarin. Her latest project was co-curating a cross-cultural art exhibition and silent auction at the 733 Art Factory Chengdu to raise money to help rebuild schools after the May 12 earthquake in Sichuan. Chaina Productions has also been involved in the building and running of artist run spaces in Sydney.

For 888: "Turning Chinese: Big Nosed Beauty is a series of self portraits as a traditional Chinese Beauty, or at least, a big nosed person (a white person) transforming into a Chinese Beauty," Chaina Productions says. "The more time I spend in China, the more I realise that becoming an accepted part of the Chinese community is about as likely as it is for me to physically transform into a Chinese person. I will always be a big nosed, big foot 'LaoWai' (foreigner)."

"Juicy Bunny Slope and Love Girl Love Doll are in the style of ubiquitous good luck couplets that are hung on either side of front doors. I have taken Chinglish off t-shirts I have seen worn around Chengdu - speaking English is highly regarded, and wearing t-shirts with English looking words is cool and fashionable, even if it makes no sense - just as long as it looks like English. For these works, I have turned the Chinglish into Chinese. The Chinese characters have been abbreviated and make no sense, just like the original English. For a non-Chinese speaking audience it doesn't matter because it looks Chinese."